Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series are, as the title already says, about Harry Potter. When he was just a baby boy, the darkest wizard of that time, Voldemort, came to kill him and his parents. Somehow the baby couldn’t be killed and the curse hit Voldemort.

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Another journey

Hey everyone!!

So I thought lets start a blog, another one of my genius ideas (not). I hope it turns out to be a good thing, maybe I’ll even discover a hidden talent? I think it could be another lovely journey!

Let me introduce myself: My name is Doreen, I’m a Dutch fangirl (too many fandoms, obviously). I’m 16 years old and although I’m a big nerd, I’m actually not so good at writing so I hope to get better at it in this way 😉

My life is mainly a mess and if I don’t have anything to complain or be exited about I always have my books

If you have any questions left just ask and I’ll answer