Illegal downloading legal?

This morning my family and I were buying a new cellphone for my brother, when the person who was helping us told us that we had to pay some extra money for illegally downloading music. He said that, according to the law, everyone who bought a smartphone had to pay this money, even if they wouldn’t download any music at all. This means that illegally downloading music isn’t that illegal anymore.

I think it is a good thing to make people pay for the music. If you download music for free it actually is the same idea as stealing a cd. You don’t pay, so the musician doesn’t get any money. This means that, if everyone did this, artists can’t pay their staff, instruments and other costs anymore. If they can’t buy instruments, they can’t write and play music and then you don’t have music to (illegally) download.

By forcing everyone to pay a small amount of money the musicians can still make their music and you can still listen to it while it is not to expensive. That way everyone is happy.

On the other side it is not fair for the people who don’t download music or who pay for it. They also have to pay extra for their smartphone even though they have done nothing wrong. I think you should compare it to a teacher punishing the whole class while only three or four pupils deserve it. Does that seem right to you?

So what do you think? Should just everyone pay for illegally downloading music? Or should the government just block all illegal sites to make it impossible to download illegally? Does this law even justify illegally downloading at all?


2 thoughts on “Illegal downloading legal?

  1. pasteltessa says:

    I never heard about that paying extra for a cellphone thing. I will still continue downloading illegal songs, because if I really had to pay for every song I ever downloaded, I’d be broke af.

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