Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series are, as the title already says, about Harry Potter. When he was just a baby boy, the darkest wizard of that time, Voldemort, came to kill him and his parents. Somehow the baby couldn’t be killed and the curse hit Voldemort.

Eleven years later Harry gets invited to Hogwarts, school for witchcraft and wizardry. He doesn’t believe it at first, but when he sees the magic he is really happy to be at this school. In the train he meets Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger. They will become best friends.

In the next seven years Harry and his friends go through a whole lot of adventures from defeating a troll to defeating a diary and from helping a prisoner to breaking into the Ministry of Magic. One thing that all these books have in common, is that Harry has to defeat Lord Voldemort or a servant of his. Because neither one can live while the other survives.

~ The Harry Potter series are my favourite, not only because of all the magic and the fairytale-like moral, but also because it was the first real fandom-experience I’ve had. I always have been a real book lover, but since I’ve read Harry Potter it only got worse 😁.

The most beautiful thing about Harry Potter I find the friendships. Whatever happens Harry, Ron and Hermione always get back together. They never really let each other down, eventhough Ron and Hermione can sometimes argue with each other really well. It also shows that you don’t have to be ‘normal’ to deserve kind and loyal friends. Take for example Luna Lovegood, you can call her everything except ordinary. She is surprised when Harry tells her he is her friend, she is used to be alone because everyone thinks she’s weird. I think we all should be like them, we should not say “Ew he’s a weirdo”. I think we should do the exact opposite. We should say “She’s different, let’s ask her why” or “She is not like the others, we should have lunch with her.” 

Well, let’s get back to earth, enough Disney-thoughts. I like the way JK Rowling writes. She doesn’t make you feel like a child by using only easy words, but she also doesn’t make it hard to understand the story. She uses the perfect style for her target. I also love her boundless amount of fantasy. Just when you think she must have reached the limit of imagination, she comes up with something like the Weasly’s clock or floo powder.

One last thing I really have to mention is the way Rowling always knows to make the story perfect fitting, like a puzzle. I sometimes wonder how she gets al her ideas in one book. Would she just get them one by one popping up in her head and be waiting until it fits? Or has she been puzzling for ages before the stories were good enough?

For those of you who haven’t read Harry Potter because they think they will not like it enough or because they did not like the movies: you really have to try it! Just start reading the first book and don’t stop until you are halfway. Trust me, I’ve done exactly the same and as soon as I was there I couldn’t stop anymore until I knew the ending. I have a lot of friends who refuse to read Harry Potter, but I won’t stop trying to make them read it until they have, and really, the ones I have already persuaded are grateful for it!


3 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  1. pasteltessa says:

    It’s funny because I stopped reading as much after I read Harry Potter!


  2. Hey! I love Harry Potter too! Plus Doreen was the middle name of Mrs. Figg, so if your first name is indeed Doreen, whoa! You’ve been mentioned in Harry Potter and that is so so so awesome!!!!!!!!


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