It’s just not fair!

Hey guys,

I’ve done something pretty stupid and now I’m making it worse and worse in my head, as usual. I feel like it’s the end of the world at the moment, which it obviously isn’t.

Before I start telling what I’ve done I’ll have to explain something to you. At our school they have this class called ckv. It’s some kind of cultural thing. I do gymnasium, it’s just like the normal level but with an ancient language (Greek or Latin). The gymnasium classes don’t have ckv, but they have kcv instead. For both the subjects there are activities organized throughout the year and the kcv-students do have to go to the ckv-activities as well as the kcv-activities, while the ckv-students only have to go to their own activities.

Now here’s what happened: tomorrow there’s one of these ckv-activities and my class and I were planning not to go there while our names are never on the list. But this afternoon we got an e-mail and it said that we were also expected to come. We were all very mad with the teachers so we decided to send a mail back, which said that we were disagreeing with the fact that we have to go to double activities and that we did not even know that we had to come tomorrow.

The answer to that e-mail was from some high-functioned guy on our school. He told us that he was disappointed and that we could not stay home. He seemed pretty angry while he is one of the nicest staff-members of our school.

I think I’ll just go to that activity tomorrow, because my mom would never act like I’m ill. She’s done that once when I just arrived from Rome that night and I was very tired and she’s still telling me how bad she felt about lying (that happened all more than half a year ago!).

So now I wish I had never sent that e-mail and just hadn’t come to the activity. I don’t think they would have found out that we weren’t there at all. I actually thought today would have been my last day before the holiday 😕


One thought on “It’s just not fair!

  1. pasteltessa says:

    It’s not your fault. All you did was try. Standing up for yourself is good. You just shared your view on the situation. The teacher overreacted.

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